Hey! I am just a girl in love with books! Right now I am into mysteries and thrillers. What I read depends on my mood. I am going to try and post a review every Monday. I might post a few here and there. I won’t promise anything. I am spontaneous like that. My favorite book was The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It changed yesterday and I can’t believe it! The Host has been my favorite since 2013. My new favorite book is now The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I still can’t believe I found a new favorite. I hang out with my cat Boo, listen to music, and write. I of course love writing and reading. I mean who doesn’t enjoy that? One little tidbit is that I own five Madagascar hissing cockroaches. I know ewwww but they are interesting little critters. In the future I would like to own a tarantula. Right now I am not that adventurous, but maybe I will be in the future. 

RATING SYSTEM: I am going to rate the books I read with candy bars. I wanted to do something different to make my reviews pop. One week it could be Pop Rocks and the next it could be Butterfingers.  

5 Candies: Run! Buy it now!!!!     4 Candies: Great! A must read.      3 Candies: Okay.           2 Candies: So-So      If the book wasn’t for me I won’t write a review about it. I will only rate books that I can give a somewhat good review on. I don’t think I could give a good review if I didn’t enjoy it a little.